A downloadable game

For Your Eyes Only - A downloadable stealth game for Windows.


  • WASD: Movement
    • Only WS in Vents
  • Mouse: Camera Control
  • Q/E: Lean left/right

    • Works outside vents, and inside when close to entrances
  • F: Get in vent

How to Play

You are a top secret spy infiltrating an evil genius' lair in order to steal the top secret plans for world domination

Use your stealthy predisposition and the extensive vent system to find the  top secret plans and escape as quickly as possible, without being detected by henchmen or cameras!


This game was built for the 2021 Search for a star programming competition, and was concepted, developed, tested and presented in 70 hours of development time.


For Your Eyes Only.zip 125 MB
Project Documentation.pdf 921 kB
Raw Development Diary - Read at own risk!.pdf 734 kB

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